2 Top Tips to Meet the Contract Requirement when You do Not have a Written Contract with your Employer in Your O-1 Visa Petition

If you do not have a fully executed, written contract with your employer for the O-1 Visa petition, do not worry. These 2 Top Tips will help you plan and build evidence to meet the contract requirement.

  1. Submit a deal memo, group of emails, or other writing that meets the requirements of a basic contract, that shows there was an offer, acceptance, and what you are doing for the employer in exchange for compensation.
  2. The deal memo or group of emails must collectively present the following information:
  • an offer – the employer asked you to work for them or offered you the job.
  • Acceptance – you agreed to work for them or accepted the job offer.
  • the payment or other compensation – how much the employer will pay you per hour/week/month/year, and if they are giving you any other benefits such as room and boarding, covering commuting costs, etc.
  • the position – what is the title?
  • employment address – where will you be working?
  • the job duties – what projects are you being hired for or what are your general duties?
  • Hours – what are your work hours or the term of the project?


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