3 Must Have Types of Expert Letters in Your O-1 Visa Petition Package

1. Expert Letter From Someone Who Loves You/Your Work

Have one expert letter from someone who really loves you as a person, even if they are not the most distinguished in your list of people to ask because they will make the time to write the letter, add in details that will make the letter stand out, and will be open to revisions.

On the flip side, if there is an expert who you only have a professional relationship with but they really love your work, get an expert letter from that person and have the letter focus on their familiarity with your work and what they love about it, and how that makes you extraordinary. They don’t have to love you to love your work; their love for your work will motivate them to write a strong letter.

2. Expert Letter from Someone Whose Name Search in Google Results in a lot of Photos

Have one expert letter from someone who is all over the internet so that when someone Googles their name, articles and photos of the person come up. The more photos that come up, the better because photos make the person real to the USCIS officer and helps establish the Expert’s qualifications; and within a minute, the officer is convinced that the expert is an expert.

3. Expert Letter from Someone Who No one May Know but who has one or more of the following: Distinguished Education, Awards, and Household Names and Titles in their resume.

Have one expert letter from someone who has either distinguished education, awards, or household names and titles. Distinguished Education means they went to an Ivy League School, Top Design School, School with Distinguished Alumni, or a school name most people outside the industry are familiar with as being top for the industry. They need to have won some award; it does not have to be the most prestigious but there are some select criteria they need to have met to receive the award. They should have some household, instant recognition named clients in their portfolio – names that even someone who knows nothing about the industry might have heard about somewhere. These three things automatically help an officer associate the person as having some expert background.


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