5 Top Tips for Building an Expert Letter to Get an Approval for Your O-1 Visa Petition

You need to submit strong expert letters that make an argument for why you are extraordinary and your O-1 Visa should be approved, and not that the expert thinks you are a lovely person and extraordinary just because they use the word extraordinary.  These 5 Tops Tips will help you build a strong expert letter that will clearly establish to the officer how and why you are extraordinary and they should approve your application.

  1. Establish the Expert’s Qualifications
  2. Establish their professional familiarity with your work
  3. Have the expert discuss a specific project or product of yours and highlight how it showcased your extraordinary abilities
  4. Have the expert review something in your portfolio and provide an assessment based on their expertise within the industry.
  5. Have the expert highlight what technical and specific skills make you stand out compared to others in the industry, within your age group, within your country, and at your level of expertise.


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