5 Top Tips to Look for a Job That Gets You a Visa While an International Student

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As an international student you don’t want to secure any job. You want a job where the employer will file a work visa petition for you. These 5 Top Tips will help you to plan for getting a job that will get you a work visa.

Informational Meetings Within the Desired Industry or Employer

Set up informational meetings within the desired industry or Employer, and learn about whether they usually file work visa petitions for international students, and what they look for in candidates where they are willing to file the visa petition.

Have your Professors Know Your International Student Status and that You Need a Visa to Work in the U.S.

Many Professors are themselves in the U.S. on employment visas or are familiar with them. Connect with Professors whose classes you enjoyed or had an impact on you, even if it is unrelated to your field of study, and build a genuine relationship. Let them know of your visa status. Your professors have contacts who they may connect you with or can themselves hire you.

Get an Unpaid Internship or Do Volunteer Work to Gain Experience for the Prospective Employer

Employers are much more likely to hire students and file work visa petitions for them if they are already familiar with the student, the student has worked for them, and they know the student now has the job experience they are looking for in a prospective employee.

Look on career websites for desired job posting and then work to meet qualifications by the time you graduate or seek the job.

Learn in advance what qualifications you need to get hired for the job, then pursue activities, study, volunteer work, and internships that will get you qualified by the time you apply for the job. You want to be qualified when you apply so you don’t waste time after graduation becoming qualified.

Create a strong online professional presence.

Your resume only conveys so much about you. Employers will Google you. Develop a strong LinkedIn profile, create a blog, have your own website highlighting qualifications or interest, and other online activities that make you stand out. Having an online presence allows them to learn much more about you than what a resume can convey. Make your online presence high quality, interesting, and keep it professional.

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