6 Top Tips to Become Qualified for an O-1 Visa (start now!)

1. Build up your portfolio

It is never too late or too early to start. By building your brand and having a clear and established vision, it will help you stay focused and be a launchpad for your career.

2. Connect with established people in your field

Networking is a key strategy. These people can become mentors, offer fruitful advice, or provide opportunities for you. They can help you navigate your career and may have been O-1 Visa recipients themselves.

3. Seek opportunities, don’t wait around for them

Think about ways you can prove that you are extraordinary and get more attention. Enter competitions or submit work when/if applicable and reach out to others to garner publicity.

4. Start thinking about and collective evidence

You will need to provide a lot of evidence in order to qualify for the visa, so start checking off the ways in which you can prove that you are extraordinary. Keep them in the back of your mind as you progress in your career. 

5. Make sure you have a plan/employer in the USA 

Consider if you will have one employer or multiple employers. You do not want to overwork yourself, but you also need to make sure the itinerary is complete with consistent events that you would be working. 

6. Get published 

Being published is a key way to show recognition whether it is in a local or international magazine. 


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