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How USCIS determines if a position meets the speciality occupation requirement

To meet the requirement of speciality occupation, a position must meet at least one of the following requirements:  A bachelor’s or higher degree (or its equivalent) is usually the minimum requirement to enter the specific position The degree requirement is common to the industry in similar positions among similar organizations or, alternatively, an employer may...
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How to extend the h-1b visa

Submit the extension request early  Start thinking about the application in advance Do not wait until the last minute to do it all Start putting evidence and documentation together Communicate with your employer about the extension  Which extension do you qualify for? 1 year – 1 year interval extensions for those who have been here...
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Advantages of a H1B visa

H1B benefits Benefits Of H1B Visa There are various advantages to working under an H1B Visa. These advantages include the following: Ability to work part-time. Working for multiple employers, which can lead to stronger earnings. Portability. You are not stuck to the first employer and can transfer your H-1B Visa if you meet certain requirements....
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Alternative Business Visas to the H-1B Visa

Because the H-1B Visa is based on a lottery system, it is a good idea to know of alternative options for work visas which you can apply for if you are not selected in the lottery system or if you do not qualify for an H-1B Visa. Other Temporary Work Visa Options O Visa –...
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Going from H-1B to EB-1, EB-2, or EB-3 Green Card

Family Petition  If your spouse is a US Citizen or Green Card Holder, they can petition for you. An U.S. Citizen or Green Card Holder parent also petition for you. Additionally, if you happen to have an U.S. Citizen child over the age of 21, they can petition for you.  Green Card Based Options: EB-1,...
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6 Must Haves For a Successful H1B Visa Petition

These 6 Must Haves will help to ensure you have a successful H1B Visa Petition because these are the common reasons for a Request for Evidence (RFE) or denial of an H1B Visa Petition. If you make sure your petition meets the following requirements, you will increase your chances of an approval. You must have...
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5 Similarities Between an L-1 Visa, H-1B Visa, and O-1 Visas

This will help you in deciding what temporary work visa to apply for if you qualify for more than one temporary work visa by understanding how they are similar. 1. Temporary Work Visas L-1, H-1B, and O-1 visas are all temporary work visas, which means they do not last forever, expire after a time period,...
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When You Must File an Amended H-1B Visa Petition Due to Changes in Work Site Locations and Travel

Sometimes when you are on your H-1B Visa, your worksite location can change which which makes it unclear whether you need to amend your H-1B Petition or you can just leave it alone without worrying about your visa being affected. This article will help you plan and strategize in deciding when you need to amend...
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