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4 Tips for Choosing An Expert for a Letter of Recommendation For Immigration for Your O-1 Visa Petition

O-1 Visa Recommendation Letter For Immigration If you have ten people you can ask to write you an immigration letter of recommendation, it does not mean you should ask all of them. Additionally, if you only know three people who will write you visa recommendation letters, that can be enough. This article will help you...
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3 Types of O-1A Visa Criteria for Establishing Extraordinary Ability Which Can Be Used as Comparable Evidence for the O-1B Visa in the Arts, Motion Picture, and Entertainment Industry

This article will help you plan in showing how you are overall extraordinary by using 3 of the most underutilized criteria for establishing extraordinary ability. The criteria for O-1A Visas in the sciences, education, business, and athletics is different from the criteria for O-1B Visas in the arts, motion picture, and entertainment. However, comparable evidence...
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Career moves to Qualify for an O1 Visa

There are several career moves that will give you a head start on qualifying for an O Visa and strengthening your application! Keep in mind that the O Visa: is for individuals exceptional in their career field, so it is imperative that you are able to prove that and truly do excel. By following these...
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O-1 Visa: Starting Now to Build Your Brand

It is never too late or too early to start building your brand and garnering recognition. Do not feel intimidated by the requirements for the O-1 Visa evidence; as you continue working in your career, you will notice that the evidence will accumulate.  O-1 Visa: Social Media Social media can be a powerful tool to...
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Who can be the Petitioner for my O-1 Visa petition?

The petitioner for your O-1 Visa petition can be a variety of people and is generally referred to as the U.S. Agent. Self-petitioners are not allowed for the O-1 Visa.  The U.S. Agent is someone who acts on your behalf and is a facilitator for the petition. The Agent can be a variety of people...
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Do I need a fully executed, written contract with my employer for the O-1 Visa petition?

It is not required to have a fully executed, written contract with your employer for the O-Visa petition.  You can submit a deal memo, group of emails or other writing that meets the requirements of a basic contract However, the evidence must detail the following: an offer Acceptance the payment or other compensation the position...
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Can I have multiple employers for my O-1 Visa petition?

Having multiple employers for your O-Visa petition is by no means necessary, but can be beneficial.  Employer letters are a significant part of the petition, because they sponsor you and emphasize you are extraordinary ability and how that would be beneficial to the employer in the United States. These well-drafted letters can help establish your...
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