Family Petitions

5 tips for a successful family petition

Submit strong evidence of the family relationship Submit all identification documents including passports, I-94, visas, birth certificates, marriage certificate, and divorce certificates.  Have strong affidavits that provide sufficient detail. Include tax returns and tax transcripts where applicable. Make sure you address any immigration issues, including any criminal background.
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5 top tips for a strong affidavit for a bona fide marriage

These 5 Top Tips will help you build a strong affidavit to establish a bona fide marriage to get a successful spouse petition approved. Include the full name, address, and citizenship of the author. Address how the writer of the affidavit knows the beneficiary and petitioner. Provide specific information about a shared experience or the...
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5 tips for strong evidence for a family petition

Present the evidence in an organized, clear, and presentable manner.  Submit copies of unabridged, official birth certificates. Submit all Certificates of Disposition for any criminal history. Submit all tax returns and tax transcripts. Submit different types of evidence to establish the family relationship including official documents, joint documents, photographs, affidavits, travel itineraries, event invitations, and...
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5 Top Tips for a Successful Family Petition

These 5 Top Tips will help you build a successful I-130 Petition, or the concurrent filing of an I-130 and I-485 Application, so you can avoid a Request for Evidence (RFE) and reduce your chances of getting a denial. 1. Establish the Family Relationship Submit documentary evidence of the family relationship through birth certificate, marriage...
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5 Top Tips on How to Avoid Getting Your I-485, Green Card Application, Returned or Denied

The following 5 Top Tips address the most common reasons for why an I-485, Green Card Application, is returned or outright denied, and will help to reduce your chances of getting your application returned or denied. 1. Pay the Fees  If you are including a check, make sure there are sufficient funds in your account...
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