3 Tips For An International Student Sponsorship

Tips For An International Student Sponsorship

As an international student, you don’t want to secure any job. You want a job where the employer will file a work visa petition for you. These 3 Tops Tips will help you strategize on how to convince an employer to file a work visa petition for you.

1. Know what you have to offer that sets you apart from other non-international students.

Why should the employer hire you and undergo the extra time and expense of international student sponsorship for you for a work visa? Develop a clear answer to this question, with supporting evidence from your qualifications, and life examples, to have the employer interested in investing in you.

2. What are your best qualities that would be helpful to the employer in the long run?

An employer would be more likely to hire you, over a non-international student, and sponsor you for a work visa if they see long-term benefits to having you as an employee. Research the employer and the job position, study the industry, and very clearly connect your BEST qualities with your research findings to demonstrate how you as an employee will (not can) give the employer a long-term benefit.

3. Have a clear idea of what your long-term plans are and share your enthusiasm for a long-term commitment.

If your long-term plans are not with the company or within the industry, know this in advance, and answer the question: why should the employer hire you, and sponsor you, if you are going to leave? Maybe even if you work for the employer short-term, your work experience or qualifications will still be of great benefit to them. Maybe there are no U.S. workers available for that position. If you would like to work with the same employer or within the same industry for many years, share that interest and your enthusiasm.

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