3 Top Tips on How to Meet the Bachelor’s Degree Requirement When You Have a Foreign Degree for an H-1B Application

Depending on what country your Bachelor’s Degree is from, USCIS will not automatically recognize it as an equivalent to an U.S. Bachelor’s Degree. Additionally, USCIS sometimes will not accept a basic credential evaluation agency determination of equivalency.  You do not want to wait for USCIS to return your application for this reason.

These 3 Top Tips will help you meet the Bachelor’s Degree Requirement so you can build a strong H-1B Application.
  1. Get a in-depth expert evaluation of your degree diplomas, and transcripts, that discusses the educational system in your country and how each of your individual qualifications together demonstrate you meet the Bachelor’s Degree requirement.
  2. Submit Letters of Recommendation from Previous Employers and Proof of the Employment to be used as experience that can be counted towards meeting the Bachelor’s Degree requirement.
  3. Provide documentation of your country’s education system, the courses required to get the Bachelor’s degree in your country, and the courses required to take in the U.S. for the same degree. Then demonstrate that you have taken most if not all of the same courses for your degree that U.S. students take for the same or similar degree.


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