EB-5 Financing

Help Developers to finance their projects

At the Chan Law Firm understand that developers always search for affordable capital to build their next project. While most developers have access to traditional financing, finding capital with low-interest rates is wise whenever and wherever possible. For developers seeking an alternative financing source, EB-5 capital may be the answer.

Capital infusion by immigrant investors

If you are a developer with many projects, consider including EB-5 Regional Center financing as a part of your capital stack. In many cases, EB-5 Regional Center capital may be more affordable than traditional financing, and it is often a sound alternative when commercial lenders are not willing to support a project. The primary objectives of EB-5 immigrant investors are permanent residency status and return on their principal investment amount. Typically, the capital raise involves only a modest return on the original investment, thereby allowing this to be a low-cost means for developers to raise funding. The Chan Law Firm can help you get your own EB-5 regional center designation to access a large amount of investment available through immigrant investors worldwide.

Need to plan ahead

One of the biggest challenges when dealing with EB-5 related issues is the length of time that it takes the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to review filings. The Chan Law Firm’s experience and turn-key approach toward compiling the necessary paperwork expedites the process; however, it is essential that developers interested in this financing alternative either plan well in advance of the date by which the funds will be needed or have a source of bridge financing available until the EB-5 Regional Center capital may be raised.