Immigration Checklists

Top 3 benefits of our immigration checklists: 

  1. Use our immigration checklists to complete your immigration petition with all the required documents.  It can be devastating to get a denial of your immigration petition or Request for Evidence (RFE) which can significantly delay your approval. 
  2. Gather all of your evidence and documents in one place.  It will save you lots of time later as you prepare your immigration petition and supporting documentation.  
  3. Identify areas where you may need to have more evidence to obtain an approval of your petition by USCIS. 

U.S. Immigration law is complex, the best thing you can do is to get organized and use our proven model of plan, strategize and build your case for success.  USCIS will deny an application or petition, without even reviewing the application or petition, if a required document or some evidence is missing. You don’t want to wait months after you file your petition, to hear from USCIS, only to learn they rejected it because a birth certificate or certain document was missing. Use our check lists to make sure you are submitting a complete packet and maximizing your chance to get an approval.