Advantages of a H1B visa

There are various advantages to working under an H1B Visa. These advantages include the following:
  • Ability to work part-time.
  • Working for multiple employers, which can lead to stronger earnings.
  • Portability. You are not stuck to the first employer and can transfer your H-1B Visa if you meet certain requirements.
  • Mobility. You are allowed to take time off, take sick days or vacation time.
  • Employee rights to certain work conditions and benefits.
  • Your children can attend school.
  • Spouses can get a visa too and apply for employment authorization.
  • Potential to have your H-1B Visa employer sponsor you for permanent residence.
  • Can start your own business.
  • Flexibility in length of visa through the ability to extend the visa but not be obligated to stay in the same position and with the same employer forever. 
  • Dual Intent Visa which means ability to apply for other visas, including ones that lead to a Green Card.
These advantages make the H-1B Visa highly desirable and one of the most sought after visas.

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