H1B Visa Tips

H1B Visa Top Tips

6 tips on strengthening your H-1B Application

Make sure you and your employer meet the requirements before you begin the process. Gather the required documentation early so you have them ready at the start of the H1-B registration. Have the foreign credentials evaluated and make sure you have at minimum the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree. Submit a very clear and organized...
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4 Tips on Having Your Foreign Education Credentials Evaluated

Provide your resume, diplomas, certifications, transcripts, and letters of recommendations. Do not rely solely on your resume and diplomas. Identify an accredited university or organization. Choose a credential evaluation agency that will provide you a very clear letter that discusses how you meet the requirements in detail and engages with all your background information and...
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4 Tops Tips on Avoiding a Request for Further Evidence (RFE)

Prepare strong documentary evidence for all the  requirements. Do not submit vague letters of support, cover letters or other written documentation. Submit a very clear, organized, and detailed cover letter that demonstrates how you meet all the requirements for the visa. Submit all the required evidence in accordance with USCIS instructions at the time of...
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6 Must Haves For a Successful H1B Visa Petition

These 6 Must Haves will help to ensure you have a successful H1B Visa Petition because these are the common reasons for a Request for Evidence (RFE) or denial of an H1B Visa Petition. If you make sure your petition meets the following requirements, you will increase your chances of an approval. You must have...
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3 Top Tips on How to Meet the Bachelor’s Degree Requirement When You Have a Foreign Degree for an H-1B Application

Depending on what country your Bachelor’s Degree is from, USCIS will not automatically recognize it as an equivalent to an U.S. Bachelor’s Degree. Additionally, USCIS sometimes will not accept a basic credential evaluation agency determination of equivalency.  You do not want to wait for USCIS to return your application for this reason. These 3 Top...
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4 Top Tips for Preventing 4 Common Issues that Lead to Delays with Your H-1B Application Once Your Petition Has Been Selected

Sometimes people submit an H-1B Application and put it together days before the deadline, without planning in advance. This leads to delays due to some common reasons, once the petition has been selected in the lottery, which could jeopardize your eligibility and approval of the H1-B application. These 4 Top Tips will help you plan...
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5 Top Tips on meeting the Specialty Occupation Requirement for a H-1B Visa

The top reason H-1B applications are denied is because the application does not show that the occupation is a speciality occupation, in that it requires a Bachelor’s Degree, at minimum. Simply stating that the occupation requires the degree is not sufficient and you do not want to risk getting a Request for Evidence (RFE) or...
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Top Tips For Credential Education Evaluation For H1B Visa Petition

Credential Evaluation For H1B Visa These 3 Top Tips will help you get your Education Evaluation for your H1B Visa to help you meet the Bachelor’s Degree Requirement for the H-1B Visa Petition. Provide your resume, diplomas, certifications, transcripts, and letters of recommendation from former employers and professors. Create a list detailing your skills, knowledge,...
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