3 Top Tips on What to Submit to a Credential Evaluation Agency to Evaluate Your Foreign Credentials to Meet the Bachelor’s Degree Requirement for an H-1B Visa Petition

These 3 Top Tips will help you get your Foreign Education H1B Education Evaluation to help you meet the Bachelor’s Degree Requirement for the H-1B Visa Petition.
  1. Provide your resume, diplomas, certifications, transcripts, and letters of recommendation from former employers andH1B Visa Education Evaluation professors.
  2. Create a list detailing your skills, knowledge, and how you obtained them through your education and experience, and submit that to the credential evaluation agency.
  3. Choose an H1B Education Evaluation agency that will provide you with a very clear letter that discusses how you meet the requirements in detail and engages with all your background information and documents that you submitted for the evaluation. Do not go with an agency that gives you a generic letter.


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