4 tips for an O-1 Visa itinerary

An O-1 Visa itinerary is a key component of your application and must be put together in a way that helps your application. It must also contain critical information for the USCIS officer. Here are some tips for a strong O-1 Visa itinerary.

1. Be clear and detailed

Have all the information on the itinerary: the name, address and contact information of the employer; and the name, position, duties of the employee, and dates and hours of employment. 

2. Start planning in advance

Get a head start planning the dates of employment for when you need to be in the U.S. to commence work and events so there is not a rush to figure everything out.

3. Keep in mind the timeframes.

Have multiple events planned depending on how long the employee contract is. There should not be huge gaps in the itinerary for when you have no work planned in the U.S. If you will be working with just one employer, you should remember the O-Visa technically expires when the employment period ends, which could be before the O1 Visa visa expires. 

4. Multiple events for multiple employers

You should have consistent events throughout the time you will be in the United States since you are expected to be working during that time. If you have multiple employers, having events for each employer will help fill any gaps. That said, make sure you do not have overlaps or time conflicts that make it unrealistic for you to to work for multiple employers.


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