O-1 Visa Tips

O-1 Visa Top Tips

4 tips for an O-1 Visa itinerary

An O-1 Visa itinerary is a key component of your application and must be put together in a way that helps your application. It must also contain critical information for the USCIS officer. Here are some tips for a strong O-1 Visa itinerary. 1. Be clear and detailed Have all the information on the itinerary:...
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3 tips on submitting strong letter of recommendations

1. Be interpersonal   Form genuine, close relationships with a range of individuals who can go in touch on different points of your experience/character  2. Have a range of letters that show adaptability and versatility They should all speak on different things that connect to your main career. These letters can come from former clients,...
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5 Tips on Providing Strong Evidence for an O-1 Visa

The more evidence the better.  Make sure you can explain all the evidence.  Do recommenders/employers back up the evidence? Is the evidence reputable? Gain valuable experience! 
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6 Top Tips to Become Qualified for an O-1 Visa (start now!)

1. Build up your portfolio It is never too late or too early to start. By building your brand and having a clear and established vision, it will help you stay focused and be a launchpad for your career. 2. Connect with established people in your field Networking is a key strategy. These people can...
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4 Top Tips for After Getting an O-1 Visa approval

1. Get a stamp If in the U.S., go overseas and submit a visa application to schedule your interview with the consulate and get the O-1 Visa stamp in your passport. If already in your country of citizenship, submit the visa application, attend the interview, and get your passport stamped with the visa. 2. Preparation...
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3 Underutilized Criteria for Establishing Extraordinary Ability in the Sciences, Education, Business, and Athletics in an O-1 Visa Petition

This article will help you plan in meeting at least 3 of the O-1 Visa criteria by using 3 of the most underutilized criteria for establishing extraordinary ability. You can build a successful petition that gets approved by showing the following: 1) Judging or Panel experience, 2) Membership in a Distinguished Association, and 3) Being...
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5 Top Tips for Building an Expert Letter to Get an Approval for Your O-1 Visa Petition

You need to submit strong expert letters that make an argument for why you are extraordinary and your O-1 Visa should be approved, and not that the expert thinks you are a lovely person and extraordinary just because they use the word extraordinary.  These 5 Tops Tips will help you build a strong expert letter...
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3 Must Have Types of Expert Letters in Your O-1 Visa Petition Package

1. Expert Letter From Someone Who Loves You/Your Work Have one expert letter from someone who really loves you as a person, even if they are not the most distinguished in your list of people to ask because they will make the time to write the letter, add in details that will make the letter...
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5 Top Tips for Strong Evidence to Meet the “Judging or Speaking on a Panel” Requirement in Your O-1 Visa Petition

These 3 top tips will help you build strong evidence to meet the O-1 Visa requirement of “participation on a panel or as a judge of the work of others in the same or allied field of specialization.” Become a Judge or Participate on More than One Panel Show that you were invited because of...
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5 Top Tips for Strong Evidence to Meet the “Membership in Distinguished Associations” Requirement in Your O-1 Visa Petition

These 5 top tips will help you build strong evidence to meet the O-1 Visa requirement of “Membership in associations in the field for which classification is sought which require outstanding achievements of members, as judged by recognized national or international experts in the field”. They will help you to show the association is distinguished...
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