4 Top Tips for After Getting an O-1 Visa approval

1. Get a stamp

If in the U.S., go overseas and submit a visa application to schedule your interview with the consulate and get the O-1 Visa stamp in your passport. If already in your country of citizenship, submit the visa application, attend the interview, and get your passport stamped with the visa.

2. Preparation for the Interview

Review your O-1 Visa application, make a copy of relevant documents, and be prepared for your interview at the consulate. 

3. Arrive on Time 

You must enter the United States within the visa validity period. Make plans for your re-location as soon as you get the approval.

4. Reach out to your employers 

Update them with any relevant information, and continue to build your qualifications to set yourself up for an O-1 Visa renewal down the road.


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