5 Top Tips for a Successful Family Petition

These 5 Top Tips will help you build a successful I-130 Petition, or the concurrent filing of an I-130 and I-485 Application, so you can avoid a Request for Evidence (RFE) and reduce your chances of getting a denial.

1. Establish the Family Relationship

Submit documentary evidence of the family relationship through birth certificate, marriage certificate, photos, and affidavits.

2. Submit Proof of the U.S. Citizen or Green Card Holder Family Member’s Status 

Provide a copy of the U.S. Passports or Birth certificate, Certificate of Naturalization, if applicable, copy of Green Card, if applicable, and State Id.

3. Supporting Affidavits

Provide 2-3 Affidavits that attest to the family relationship and/or bona fide marriage, in sufficient detail. 

4. Financial Documents

Include bank statements, tax returns and/or tax transcripts, employment verification letter, and credit score, where applicable, to address the public charge requirement and your ability to provide for your family member.

5. Address Immigration Issues

Make sure you address any immigration issues, including any criminal background, misrepresentations, or other bars to any immigration petitions. Submit a waiver with the petition, if applicable.

Use our I-130 Visa Checklists to complete your immigration petition with all the required documents.  It can be devastating to get a denial of your immigration petition or Request for Evidence (RFE) which can significantly delay your approval. Retaining a I-130 Visa Lawyer with experience and knowledge of the process is absolutely necessary when handling such important immigration matters

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